Profile of Abacus Infrastructures PVt Ltd (Solar)

     Abacus Infrastructures Pvt Ltd is leading infrastructure firm in Solar Project Installations and water & waste water projects. Incorporated in 2011 at Hyderabad it has successfully executed works of more than Six crore works with various utilities and power developers. Its clients include Belectric Photovoltaic Solar EPC company, KEC International, Mahindra Susten, Smarttrak, Sterling Wilson, L&T Metro rail Hyderabad, DSC Gurgaon, Arvind Infra Ahmedabad, Eagle infra Mumbai and PCCPL Hyderabad. Company has site offices at Hyderabad, NOIDA, Pune and Bangalore .


      <a <strong="">A. Solar PV MW Power Plant Installations</a>

Confirmatory Survey Piling and concreting Installation of modules
Installation of tracking system DC Cabling Systems
Module interconnections
Formation of Strings & Arrays DC cable laying & Terminations
Installation & Commissioning of AJBs & SSBs Inverters Installation & Commissioning
Earthing & Lightening Works
Complete Design, Supply & Installation of required earthing & Lightening System
The detailed scope includes Earth Pits, Earth Strip Laying, Lightening arrestor supply and commissioning of LA,
LPR for Structures, Frame earthling for PV Modules.
AC Scope of works
Complete AC Electrical Installations
Cable laying & Termination from inverter O/P to transformer Making of transformer yard & switch yard
HT cable laying & termination
Commissioning of Power Transformer
CEIG Liasion
Submission of Application Site Visit
Obtaining Charging permission from HO Maintenance & Operation
Manning of Substation
Data logging and sending of report to load centre Cleaning of panels and Substation


     <a href="">Certificate of Incorporation</a><br>

Memorandum of Association
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Telangana VAT
Karnataka Vat
DIC Registration

Shop Registration Hyderabad
Shop Registration Pune
Labour Identification Number
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