“Our vision is to offer a simple, universally acceptable,
easily maintainable system of green energy to humanity at large.”

Being in the power industry for more than three decades, we have established ourselves in the industry strongly and are now a synonym for quality and timely service to our customers. At ABACUS Infrasture Pvt Ltd, we focus on delivering innovative and economical solar power solutions. We utilize our experience and resources in providing affordable clean energy solutions. Our focus is on sustainability and environment. We are committed to innovation and excellence in every aspect of solar design and construction.

Over the years, ABACUS Infrasture Pvt Ltd has made faithful relations with its stakeholders. Partnering with us is as reliable as the source we get our Energy from – The Sun. We offer turnkey solutions which work on the plug and play model. We want our customers to become successful solar power producers.

Solar energy has an infinite potential. We aim at utilizing this resource and help our clients in producing clean energy. By innovation and developing green technologies we want to promote use of solar energy and reduce carbon footprints.

Our vision is to provide low cost PV modules and develop large solar energy producing fields. Currently we are offering 3 products in this domain, namely …. In future we will develop more products, so that a large population can use solar power to light up their houses, industries and infrastructures.